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Executive Hunt is a strategic partner

Executive Hunt Oy’s headhunting specialization involves finding board members, top management, operative middle management and special experts. We bring whole new architecture and progressive methods to the headhunting process, which leads to the agreed-upon and desired goal.

In particular, we focus on the root causes of the process that generally do not work in the industry, lead to uncertainty and, at worst, lead to wrong personnel decisions. The new and innovative MORE THAN HEADHUNTING concept in a working solution to these problems.







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More Than Headhunting

Executive Hunt Oy’s MORE THAN HEADHUNTING concept focuses significantly more accurate, more analytically and deeper into those factors that define success and fulfillment of client’s needs.

The MORE THAN HEADHUNTING concept consists of 4 different factors that are clearly connected and together form a solution that is crucial to success. Client strategy, business goals and the new expert’s skills needed today are at the core of this concept. The concept’s next aggregate forms from Executive Hunt Oy’s ability to open up the markets and find the talent critical to achieving the goals.

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