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Top management


The activities of senior management involve the planning of the strategy and its implementation. Whole management of management, with emphasis on substance and personnel management, is at the heart of performance.


In a changing market field, managing change and development are vital areas of expertise. Topholder hunting functions require many different factors. Executive Hunt Oy's headhunters have personal experience of working in senior management positions, and thus it is natural for us to settle into the individual situation of the customer's business and strategy.


Through our experience, we are able to embrace the requirements and realities of the tasks very widely. The success of the headhunting process requires a systematic, extensive and diverse range of Headhunting activities, where each different stage of the top management headhunting process is adapted to the individual situation of the client. Executive Hunt Oy's headhunters have successfully managed and executed a total of more than 9,000 different headhunting assignments. Here, the More Than Headhunting concept serves as a key operating model.

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