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What is

Executive Hunt

Executive Hunt Oy is the client’s strategic and operative partner. Strategic partnership means that Executive Hunt will carry out the entire headhunting process according to the needs of the client. Each client’s specific business model, strategy and unique business case and needs are all taken into consideration.

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What do we do?

Executive Hunt Oy serves the client’s business needs particularly by carrying out headhunting processes. We’re here to help and prepare the client for different stategic and operative business occasions. We assist our clients in selection and decision making processes.

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Why Executive Hunt

Rapid changes in the structure of society require advanced and new forms of services, and in this transformation, Executive Hunt Oy is clearly at the forefront of innovation. There is a growing shortage of good, suitable and desired candidates, which is evident in many industries and in many different positions.




The MORE THAN HEADHUNTING concept includes an unique, client-focused headhunting architecture that underlines critical success factors.



Executive Hunt Oy
Strateginen headhunting-kumppani
Let's Talk.

Are you looking for a high level strategic headhunting partner? We will help you!

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Executive Hunt values and customer promises


means that by being a strategic partner to Executive Hunt Oy, the client receives a solution according to their unique business situation and need, which leads to an agreed-upon and desired outcome.


means that we’re here to assist our clients with new, modern and evolving processes and structures.


means that we take responsibility for ensuring the success of client co-operation during every step of the process and for achieving the jointly agreed goals.

We also take responsibility for the modernity of our business, which involves details such as minimizing our own carbon footprint.


means anticipating changes within the industry and reacting to them accordingly. Our working method is flexible, and we focus on reinforcing the client’s competitiveness on the long run.

Environment, society and good government

We believe that consideration for the environment, society and governance (ESG) in all of our activities is not just right, but also that it helps us to create higher additional value for our customers, our interest groups, and for our staff at Executive Hunt.

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