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Executive Hunt

We’re here to improve our client’s businesses by searching for and finding new potential skills and go-getters for the client. We offer our own extensive expertise, high service quality and specialized expertise for the client to use.

Executive Hunt Oy is a professional organization that knows what to do and how to do it – and also what not to do.


The Executive Hunt team has almost 30 years of experience in recruitment and extensive experience with managing and executing recruitment processes across different industries.

Executive Hunt Oy’s headhunters have managed and carried out over 9,000 successful headhunting assignments.

Partner | CEO | Headhunter


Kari Serjamaa

Kari has a long and solid experience of acting in the role of both a business decision maker and a headhunter. Determining the company's strategy and implementing it operationally together with the management team is the practical management experience that Kari uses today as headhuter. Curiosity and the ability to question things in a positive way are the areas of expertise that help him find working solutions for different customer situations. Kari's strength is leading and implementing headhunting processes for top management and middle management, also in international contexts.

Partner | COO | Headhunter


Tero has comprehensive experience in executive level management in a changing operating environment. He also has versatile experience in management recruitment and business restructuring and related change management.


The ability to create a clear overall picture of the operating environment, an innovative approach to business bottlenecks and future needs, and strong customer understanding create the basis for a successful strategy. A clear strategy, streamlined processes and the organization that supports them, a supportive work community and a strong customer focus are at the center of Tero's management thinking. His principles always include goal orientation, high work ethic and trust.

Partner | Advisor | Headhunter


Esa Salosensaari

Esa is a business and headhunting professional with first-hand experience in managing and developing many different companies and businesses. He has developed a strategy and managed the operational activities in accordance with it. He has about 30 years of recruiting experience and more than 20 years of headhunting experience. Esa has the will and character of an entrepreneur, as well as extensive experience in starting and managing companies. He has been involved in almost all customer projects in the business and industrial sectors. Esa's distinctive strength is the comprehensive management and implementation of Headhunting processes for top management and middle management.



Raimo has solid and versatile experience in international business. He has been an executive and a member of the management team for almost 30 years in various industries. Thanks to his consulting background, he has the experience and ability to efficiently take on new challenges. As a change leader, he has been responsible for organizing and resourcing both business and international development projects in different cultures.
Change management and project management are necessary foundations, but successful Headhunting also requires a holistic approach, sensitivity and active interaction. This together with Raimo's versatile international recruitment experience guarantees success even in challenging situations.



Pekka has more than 30 years of experience in sales, sales management and organizational development. His strengths are an extremely entrepreneurial attitude and a strong strategic know-how and with these qualities Pekka has piloted successfully many growing companies. In his opinion customer trust, at its best, is created by both parties sitting on the same side of the table and this way the best solution is searched together. Trust and conscientiousness best describe the method with which Pekka devotes himself to projects and with which he executes assignments.



Heikki is a leader with 20 year experience of leading local and international mediabusinesses. One of the key elements of success have been to select right people in right places. After returning from Sweden, where Heikki was accountable of Group´s four country organizations in Europe, he decided to learn and become a headhunter, he started his career in one of the well known
headuhter companies in Finland. Heikki has 14 year experience of headhunting and 10 year experience of running a team of headhunters as an entrepreneur.



Juha has over 25 years of experience in leadership roles within the media industry, marketing, and B2B sales. Years of experience working in executive teams and as a Country Manager, collaborating with small business entrepreneurs as well as global players, have equipped him with the ability to swiftly comprehend the principles, opportunities, and challenges of a company's strategy and business environment. Juha is also an experienced navigator in the world of regulation and government authorities.


Juha has comprehensive experience in leading and working with diverse individuals, ranging from artists to analysts. Even in his leisure time, personnel management has been a part of Juha's life since his teenage years, and the journey of lifelong learning continues, particularly in the realm of junior sports. Juha approaches his work with a consultative and analytical mindset and is often described as a visionary, creative and strategic thinker.



Jukka has long and comprehensive experience in demanding management and board positions where he has examined business from a wide range of perspectives, implemented strategies and built competent and successful organizations. Jukka’s background also includes managing several business changes, demanding projects and significant investments. An up-to-date strategy and the continuous development of expertise and organizations are a matter of his heart. From these elements Jukka gathers the ingredients for successful headhunting processes.



Kai-Petteri has vast experience both running companies as executive as well as through board work. The gained experience in various businesses and working with different kinds of owners has laid the ground to understand leadership in its forms and combine learned skills  into the tomorrows business needs.

Personnel as strength and foundation of company strategy and its plans has triggered Kai-Petteri's interest to Executive Hunt and it's conceptual business model to disruptively basing headhunting to tomorrows - not yesterdays - needs. Kai-Petteri is eager to learn and believes he can make a positive difference to customers to select their executives.

Why Executive Hunt?

Another sign of changing times is the candidate’s own perspective, which means that a potential candidate is more critical and selective of what kind of business they want to work in, what they want to work on and how they wish to work. As such, recruitment is more difficult and more risky than before when it comes to growth and managing expenses.

Executive Hunt Oy acknowledges and considers all factors that affect society and the markets, and solves them with its own concepted, systematic and process-based high-end expertise to benefit the client. Executive Hunt Oy provides the client with certainty and measurable action along with a successful score. In a conservative industry, Executive Hunt Oy represents innovative and result-producing strategic view on partnership.

Strateginen rekrytointikumppani

We'll find them.

Recruitment experience spanning multiple decades shows that will certainly find a solution specific to the needs of your business.

Executive Hunt offers tailored headhunting solutions.
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