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Headhunting for special experts

The demanding tasks of high-level experts are at the forefront of the company's everyday business and profit-making, and are functions that are critical to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, for example. Today, an expert acquires and has to implement his own high-level expertise in a very versatile way through his own special substance, customer service and sales functions, and even all of these at the same time. The headhunting functions of high-level experts require the personal experience of the forefront of everyday life and thus the ability to understand its highly diverse and simultaneous requirements and challenges.


Executive Hunt Oy's headhunters have personal experience in leading experts and expert organizations, and thus it is possible to settle into the challenges, requirements and most individual situations of diverse tasks. The success of the headhunting process requires a systematic, extensive and diverse range of Headhunting activities to ensure a successful outcome. Here, the More Than Headhunting concept serves as a key approach.

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